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“Inventor! That’s what I’ll call myself.”

I needed to print some business cards for my first internet business and couldn’t quite come up with a suitable title to go with my name. I felt the usual titles that describe a business person—president, owner, manager, publisher, etc.—weren’t really describing me properly.

Then the word “inventor” popped into my head: “Yeah, that’s who I am. I think of things no one has thought of before.”

My ideas are not the usual mechanical or electrical gadgets one associates with the word “invention.” Instead, my inventions tend to be in the fields of education and social engineering—fields in which I have no formal qualifications and little experience. One may be wondering why I should thrust myself into these fields. Well, you will see that I think much differently than the acknowledged thinkers of today. My ideas are definitely outside the box, are practical, insightful, and somewhat genius.

I have already put two of my inventions on the market: OilFinancier and Dave Volek's Business English (DVBE). You can read more about them by clicking these links.

Shortly after my 49th birthday, I realized that there was no way I was ever going to get many of my ideas into the marketplace. I am probably going to spend the next decade just getting OilFinancier and DVBE accepted. Then when I hit my 59th birthday, I just may not have the energy to start marketing another invention. Perhaps worse, all my ideas—which no one else seems to be thinking about—will be lost when I pass on to the next world.

So I decided that when I have some free time, I will write ideas down and put them on this website. In this way, my ideas are set free for the world to use as it sees fit. And maybe I can earn a little money in advertising. That’s better than taking my ideas to the grave, isn’t it?

So here are my inventions. I will be adding more inventions to this website in the coming years. I have lots of interesting ideas.

OilFinancier · DVBE · Tiered Democratic Governance

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