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Sequential High School Math & Science Challenges

There is already a lot of free math material on the internet, not to mention hundreds of published textbooks, with all sorts of problems for high school students to practice their skills. So why is this inventor supposedly trying to re-invent this wheel?

The math and science problems in Dave's Challenges differ in one important way: they are a series of several problems but with only very small numerical differences between the problems. The objective is to have students determine the answers by deductive reasoning rather than with calculations. In this way, students enhance their skills for recognizing numerical patterns.

Students are certainly free to do the calculations to solve each problem set. The extra practice with mathematical and scientific steps will strengthen their abilities. But as they progress through the series of calculations, they will see how the answers change because of the small changes made to the original problem. In essence, they will better recognize numerical patterns, which will help in their deductive reasoning. Whether the student actually solves by deductive reasoning or by calculations, the student still benefits.

Currently, Dave's Sequential High School Math & Science Challengeshas only has math problems. Eventually, it will expand to chemistry, physics, and biology—using the same approach.

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