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Language Challenge #1

Below is a fairy tale written in a fictitious language. The story is broken into 16 sets of sentences. Each set has a sentence in the fictitious language with its English translation.

The last sentence is written only in the fictitious language. Your challenge is to translate that sentence into English.

To solve this challenge, look for sentences with common words and word roots to start building the vocabulary. Use the prefixes and suffixes to start building the grammar rules. As your knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar grows, you will be able to solve the more complicated sentences. Warning: the word order of this fictitious language is not the same as in English!

The first three people to solve this challenge will be given honorary mention below. Feel free to work with friends or family. Send your answer to

____________________ from _____________ was the first person to solve Dave's first language challenge.

____________________ from _____________ was the second person to solve Dave's first language challenge.

____________________ from _____________ was the third person to solve Dave's first language challenge.

The king of Bonka had a beautiful daughter.
Mopon Bonkovi mosef napeknabar kluntasli.

He wanted her to marry the Prince of Sluntar.
Zako yaka krolof moponsun Sluntarovi vidavaz.

The marriage would bring peace to Bonka and Sluntar again.
Muvidavasto rostod qagomo mir Bonkot kof Sluntarot bonaz.

But the princess was in love with Jondar.
Kog maponsunli qaf Jondarame milulazot.

He was a farmer's son who lived a simple life.
Zako qaf nokluntas rolikovi kto seelvaf nupulmi seelvasto.

The king told his daughter, “You can never marry into a poor farmer's family.”
Mopon reklif yakom kluntasli, “Znava va mosti nuhad nuponigladovi rolikovi vidavazot.”

But the princess wanted her handsome farmer.
Kog maponsunli krolof yakam peknabar rolik.

She said to her father, “I will not marry for peace with Sluntar.”
Zaka reklif yakam dadun, “Ra znaqag miril Sluntarame vidavaz.”

The king did not want his daughter to be a farmer's wife.
Mopon zvakrolof yakom kluntasli namantalli rolikovi qaz.

So he told the king of Sluntar to send his son to Bonka.
Koh zako reklif mopon Sluntarovi zakom kluntas Bonkot poskaz.

When the prince arrived in Bonka, he told the princess, “I will love you and give you a rich life.”
Koj moponsun privaf Bonkot, zako reklif maponsunli, “Ro qag wa milulaz kof tomaz wa nuniglad seelvasto.”

But the princess told the prince, “I think I would not be happy with you.”
Kog maponsunli reklif moponsun, “Ra doda ra znaqagomo konlal woame qaz.”

Then Jondar's father came to the castle.
Kok modadun Jondarovi privaf mulafot.

He told the king, “Jondar is very sad. He thinks his love is going to go to Sluntar.”
Zako reklif mopon, “Jondar qa yamlo pokonlal. Zako doda zakom milulasto qag Sluntarot poprivaz.”

The king thought, “I see Jondar loves my daughter and she loves him. She would not be happy in Sluntar.”
Mopon dodaf, “Ro malto Jondor rom kluntasli milula kof zaka yako milula. Zaka znaqagomo konlal Sluntarot qaz.”

So he sent for his daughter, “You can marry Jondar.”
Koh zako poskaf yakomil kluntasliil, “Va mosti Jondar vidavaz.”

Your Challenge: Translate this last sentence into English:
Moponsun poprivaf mulaf Bonkovi, maltof znava rostod maponsunli, kof mose nupokonlal seelvasto yakomame daduname.

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