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Consultative Activity

This fairy tale translation would make a great consultative activity with a large group of people to enhance their team building skills.

The two PDFs have the fairy tale but each page only has one or two sentences in English. It will be impossible for anyone to solve this puzzle only with their limited information.

Photocopy each page in the PDF file. Hand out one page per participant (make sure each page is circulated in the group so the translation for each sentence is somewhere in the group). Have the groups meet in pairs to share their translation and opinions on the vocabulary and grammar of the fictitious language.

When each pair has exhausted their ability to solve the puzzle, encourage them to break up with their partner and form new pairs. This new pair will give participants further insights into the mysteries of this language.

Free Download:
Small Group PDF (9 to 15 participants)
Large Group PDF (16 or more participants)

This activity is available for free download and usage. Use in corporate or community training activities. No restrictions. Please credit

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