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A philosophical conversation between a friend and I drifted towards the importance of hobbies and recreation. We both agreed that most workplaces, where we get our income to support ourselves and our families, usually do not offer tasks we really enjoy doing. Hence we need to dedicate some time and income towards activities we really enjoy. Fulfilling our desires—even to a small degree—helps make us better, well rounded, people.

So my friend asked, “Dave, what is your hobby? Where do you spend your spare time?” For some strange reason, the question kind of stumped me. While I like to call myself “an inventor,”this word would not come out. After a few uncomfortable seconds, I said, “I'm a writer!”

Then my friend asked another question: “What do you write about?” Again I was stumped!After another uncomfortable delay, I could only stammer: “I write about things no one wants to read! I have a big website of things no one wants to read.”

That pretty much sums up the writing I have done. From innovative business English training that casts business English learners into roles that require lots of “numbers English”; to a replacementsystem of governance that alleviates many frustrations of western democracy; to high school science simulations that teach students to turn classroom knowledge into real world problem solving skills; no one has taken seriously anything I have created.

This particular section of my website—my social/political/educational articles—is no different. While I enjoy the challenge of putting a fairly complex idea together in less than 600 words, no one is really interested in hearing about my opinions.

One failure of my articles is that they do not fall into the usual left-wing vs. right-wing rhetoric that gain the adoration of like-minded thinkers. My articles will eventually offend everyone, so there really is no potential niche audience for me to somehow earn some recognition.

Another failure is that I don't base my musings on criticizing politicians and their decisions. I recognize the immense complexity of both gaining a certain degree of political influence and then trying to use that influence to do good things for society. I don't think I could do a better job if I were in public office. But by not taking a demonizing approach, my political writing hasn't worked well for my acceptability—which I think says something more about the state of the world rather than my writing.

And perhaps I should add another reason not to read my articles: I really don't have the credentials to be writing on any the genres I have chosen to write about. All I can say is that Alvin Toffleralso hadn't the right credentials to write either Future Shock or The Third Wave.

Whether you move forward in my website or leave right now, I will continue to put up a few well-crafted articles every year. After all, I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that my unique perspectives are “somewhere out there” rather than kept only bouncing around in my mind. Writing these articles isboth a great hobby and psychological release for me.

I told my friend that my website is easy to find with a Google search of my name. To my knowledge, he never went to it. I guess he too did not want to read things no one else wants to read. You will probably be the same.

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