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Tiered Democratic Governance

Be the 1% to change the world!

This 1% is not of the wealthy and famous and powerful. It belongs to ordinary people working at ordinary occupations and living in ordinary neighborhoods. Yes, there are many people like this. But this 1% has some special attributes:

  1. This 1% is looking for a better world for their children and grandchildren—and humanity!
  2. This 1% recognizes that something is seriously wrong with western democracy.
  3. This 1% realizes that western democracy is unable to repair itself.
  4. This 1% is willing to spend about 10 hours a month to build another system of democratic governance.

Is this you?

Dave Volek, who is a very ordinary person, spent six years in party politics and learned why the current system is failing us. After much thinking, he invented the TDG. His book postulates the following:

  1. the underlying limitations of western democracy and why it cannot repair itself,
  2. an alternative system of governance, with no political parties and noisy election campaigns,
  3. a few tools the early TDG builders will have to acquire to make the TDG work,
  4. a process to move from western democracy to the TDG, and
  5. the TDG will not be built by a charismatic figure but by many ordinary people putting about 10 hours a month to get it started.

The book takes about two hours to read. It is your choice to seriously consider Dave's ideas.

Alternatively, you can wait for someone more wealthy, famous, and powerful than Dave to offer a similar suggestion. But you will be waiting for a long time. If you really want to better the world, read Dave’s book now!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Nations
Chapter 2: Twelve Limitations of Western Democracy
Chapter 3: Tiered Democratic Governance
Chapter 4: Consultation
Chapter 5: The Advisory Board
Chapter 6: Transition from Western Democracy
Chapter 7: Transition from Oligarchy
Chapter 8: Possible New Features for Democracy
Chapter 9: Healing Our Nation
Chapter 10: Obituary of a Future Politician



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