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The third version of this book was written in 2009 and published as the main invention of my website. I discarded the academic approach, which gave me the freedom to take this book in the direction I thought it should go. And this third version was a lot better than the second version, in my opinion.

While I could get visitors to the home page of this website, very few went past the title page. I tried generating internet discussion about the need to eliminate political parties and election campaigns, but I resigned myself that the world really doesn't want this discussion. In seven years, I think I got four positive responses for the TDG.

In 2012, I figured that maybe this website should join the modern internet age, not solely relying on website text for its message. I could see a need for an improved website layout, logo, videos, and an e-book. But I was not convinced that even these changes would help further the TDG idea. So I held off, putting my spare time, energy, and money into other inventions.

In 2016, American politics became a little more bewildering than usual—and maybe conditions had come to where a few people would be interested in the hearing about the TDG. So now I have made all those changes I thought of in 2012. When compared to the third version, the changes I have made for the fourth version are mostly cosmetic.

We shall soon see where this new presentation with the new political climate goes.

Dave Volek
March 25, 2017


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