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The TDG Transition

As the TDG grows and matures, the oligarchy should grant it more and more decision-making capacity within government. There will be a time when it becomes obvious that the TDG is ready for actual governance—and the oligarchy should not resist this social change.

Instead it should enter negotiations with the TDG for a transfer of power. Part of this negotiation is an amnesty for whatever bad things the oligarchy felt it had to do to maintain social order while building the TDG. Many readers won't like this last statement, but we should be looking to the future: the TDG peacefully replacing the oligarchy. Besides, in the latter years of this social change, there will be fewer bad things emanating from the oligarchy as it is interacting more with the TDG, which means less forceful ways to maintain power because citizens are more involved with the decision-making process.

A wise oligarchy will see that several decades are needed to build the TDG. As it is engineering the TDG construction, I am sure that it can plan for its own departure in a peaceful manner. What a place in history to accomplish something like this!


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