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Branching Out, Then Up

As these initial areas of 20,000 mature, the oligarchy should open up new areas to the TDG process, applying the lessons that have already been learned. Bringing these new areas up to a mature level should not take as long. Eventually the entire country should be covered with a two-tiered system of local governance—in 20,000 citizen units.

Obviously, the next step will be building the third tier, amalgamating several districts into one “big area,” and having these district representatives elect their representatives to this tier. And obviously, this new level should be given some additional responsibilities—and perhaps giving it some higher control of certain government operations is in order.

But the oligarchy could ask the elected bodies of this tier (or maybe a higher tier when it is built) for some advice. For this advice to be seriously considered, the qualification of a unanimous decision still applies. While the oligarchy is not obligated to take this advice, it should do so some of the time to let the citizenry know it is taking the building of TDG seriously, and is preparing for the eventual time for when the authoritarian regime will retire.


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