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TDG Principles in an Oligarchy

The TDG principles for building the TDG under an oligarchy are the same as for a western democracy:

  1. Tiered, indirect elections.
  2. Decisions by consultation.
  3. An appointed advisory board.

I believe I have acquired a reasonable idea of how western democracies work, and this knowledge has allowed me to speculate on a somewhat thorough process for transitioning from western democracy to the TDG. I have to admit, however, that I don't understand fully how oligarchies keep civil order (force and fear do not explain everything). And I suspect the societal glue that keeps order varies considerably from one oligarchy to another. Therefore my transitional suggestions are only suggestions for any oligarchy wishing to go through the TDG process in a few decades. I suspect each oligarchy is going to have to invent some transitional processes specifically for its own TDG evolution.

Unlike building the TDG in western democracies, the oligarchy will write the constitutions for the TDG for two reasons. First, the oligarchy will need a sense of control by writing the rules. It might curtail some freedoms of the early TDG that western TDGs will take for granted. If the early TDG is given boundaries about its political activities, these boundaries should be well communicated. Second, the citizenry may not have the skills or courage to amend their own constitutions and conduct mergers. If an oligarchy can see much needed changes, it can implement them quickly.


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