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The District

The next tier of the TDG is called, for the purposes of this book, the “district.” Each district will consist of three to twenty neighborhoods. In the district, the neighborhood representatives will be working together to resolve various issues of governance within the district. As well as resolving the issues of governance, the representatives will be getting to know each other's characters and how they perform in the field of governance.

Every year, the neighborhood representatives in each district gather to elect their district representative. Only neighborhood representatives are eligible to vote in this election, which is similar to the elections of the neighborhood representatives; i.e., no nominations or campaigning and basing the vote on good character and capacity for governance.

The individual with the most votes becomes the district representative for the year.

Elections of the neighborhood and district representatives should be staggered by six months which gives the neighborhood representatives the opportunity to work together and see how each other perform in governance.

Duties of the District Representative

The duties of a district representative will be more involved in governance than the neighborhood representative. There will be more meetings with neighborhood representatives, higher levels of governments, civil servants, and citizens' groups to discuss and resolve the affairs of governance. Higher levels of governance may assign specific duties for the district representatives; district representatives may assign specific duties to the neighborhood representatives. The district representatives will be the primary conduit of communication between the higher levels of government to the neighborhoods.

As well, the higher tiers might assign some discretionary authority for the district representative, in which the representative becomes a decision-maker on certain facets.

A number of districts will constitute the electoral area for the next tier. Once a year, the district representatives will elect an individual for the next tier of governance.


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