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Fluxuating Interest Rates

Interest Rates

Interest rates—both savings and lending—also fluctuate throughout the seminar. However, they won't be as volatile as oil prices.

Each OilFinancier seminar will have a spread of 6% between the savings and lending interest rates, which allows the Atlantis bankers to make a profit. If interest rates decrease, the savings rate will drop as fast as the loan rate. If interest rates increase, the savings rate will lag behind the change in the lending rate.

Increases and decreases in interest rates are dependent on the total debt of the financiers in the seminar. If there is little debt in the seminar, rates will decrease—and rates do decrease in the first part of the seminar. As debt levels increase, rates will increase.

The minimum savings rate is 0.01% per OF Day (or 0.12% per “year”).

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