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Fluctuating Oil Prices

Oil Prices

As in the real world, oil prices fluctuate in OilFinancier. And financiers have to work with a fluctuating oil price in OilFinancier.

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Six sine curves (of differing magnitudes, frequencies, and phase shifts) will be determining the oil price in the seminar. Average oil prices will be about $600 per m3. The extremes should be around $200 and $1000 per m3.

When prices reach one of the extremes, the other extreme usually follows. Then prices will return to normal prices for a relatively long time. Astute financiers should develop some interesting strategy beforehand to take advantage of this predictable volatility.

Oil prices are also marginally affected by total production coming from Atlantis. Increased supply from this continent will push prices down. And as Atlantis wells are suspended and abandoned, this will create a market force to push oil prices up.

Please note that the sine curves will change their frequencies and phase shifts from one seminar to another. In other words, it will hard to predict the volatility from a previous seminar.

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