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Provincial Rates

Below is the table that summarizes all the financial parameters for each province. You should download the PDF and have it handy for building your spreadsheet and preparing your bids.

10% RR w/S
12% Tax Rate
28% CCE Rate
$50,000 AC
26% RR w/S
46% Tax Rate
10% CCE Rate
$200,000 AC
30% RR w/S
18% Tax Rate
24% CCE Rate
$500,000 AC
40% RR
38% Tax Rate
18% CCE Rate
$50,000 AC
14% RR
28% Tax Rate
16% CCE Rate
$200,000 AC
6% RR
22% Tax Rate
36% CCE Rate
$500,000 AC
20% RR
14%/42% Tax Rate
32% CCE Rate
$50,000 AC
18% RR
4%/24% Tax Rate
44% CCE Rate
$200,000 AC
34% RR
10%/50% Tax Rate
6% CCE Rate
$500,000 AC

RR w/S
Royalty Rate
Royalty Rate with Stripper
Abandonment Cost
Investor Friendly Provinces
Investor Unfriendly Provinces
Stripper Well Royalty Discount Top Row
High Synergy Operations Middle Row
Tiered Taxes Bottom Row
Low Abandonment Costs Left Column
Moderate Abandonment Costs Middle Column
High Abandonment Costs Right Column

Click here to download this chart as a PDF

When selecting oil rights for auction, the OilFinancier program will select provinces on a somewhat random basis. However the program will favor those provinces that are earning more revenue from royalties and taxes. In other words, if the program is obviously favoring a few provinces, it is because these provinces are investing their oil money into their society. This investment will include a better social and transportation infrastructure, which owners of wells in this province can use for profits.

In other words, if it seems that a few provinces seem to be dominating the public auctions, that trend is likely to continue.

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