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The OilFinancier Day

One advantage of using simulations for learning is that time lines can be accelerated. Participants need not wait years to find out the results of their decisions.

In OilFinancier, the unit of time is “OF Days.” One OF Day could be said to represent one month of real time for petroleum extraction. So 300 OF days represent about 25 years of building an upstart new oil company into a major player.

In a standard seminar, one OF Day will pass for each calendar day. Time can be further accelerated in a custom seminar.

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In each OF Day, the following events happen:

  1. An auction notice for a new oil well is put up.
  2. The result for the auction for the oil well seven OF Days previous is announced. The winner can turn the well on for the next OF Day and start generating revenue.
  3. Decisions made by financiers to activate, suspend, abandon, or sell oil wells are updated.
  4. All operating wells produce their oil, which is sold at the current rate, thereby giving financiers revenue.
  5. All accounting statements for each financier are updated.
  6. All stock prices are recalculated.

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