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Groups can be constructed on this basis:

  • Petroleum engineering, petroleum geology, or business faculties.
  • Major Petroleum Companies enhancing the financial skills of their new young professionals.
  • Petroleum buddies looking for a competitive contest to pit against each other's skills for the next year or two.

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Consider setting up a side pot where all financiers contribute a little cash to keep more interest in the competition. The winner or the winner's charity gets the side pot at the conclusion of the seminar.

Each group seminar can hold up to 44 members and will cost about $2,000 to run.

Group seminars can custom design some the seminar variables to create a new kind of OF seminar that should require different strategies to do well. Here are the parameters that can be adjusted to create a new kind of OilFinancier seminar:

  1. Oil price volatility
  2. Royalty rates
  3. Stripper royalty rate reduction and threshold for stripper rates
  4. Spread between savings and loan rates
  5. Abandonment costs
  6. Operating costs and index for operating costs
  7. Procurement costs
  8. Threshold for the two-tiered tax provinces

Adjustments to any of these simulation parameters will require a different strategy to do well as compared to the standard version. Group seminars can design their own simulation.

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