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Dave's Dilemma

I am a rather innovative thinker about education and social engineering. For almost 20 years, I have been putting up my inventions on the internet just to test out my ideas. Unfortunately nothing has taken hold yet; the world seems reluctant to even consider what I have to offer. You can either call me a fool with totally useless ideas or ahead of my time. I prefer the latter.

I have learned—the hard way—that it's best to put up my inventions as cheap as possible. If an invention doesn't fly quickly, a better looking website and more marketing money is not going to help it. Or, perhaps better said, I need to move my resources towards developing another idea.

It didn't cost me that much to put this OilFinancier website together. But this website only explains the OilFinancier concept to you. It is going to cost a lot to move OilFinancier from a concept to an actual competitive simulation on petroleum economics. I would be a real fool to put up all this development money without first having a soul willing to participate.

To get me to build the simulation, I need some interest from the petroleum industry. If I get 2000 Facebook or Google+ fans for OilFinancier, I'll be fairly confident that I can find the participants to conduct this educational experiment and prove its value.

When I get my 2000 fan approval, I will then pass the specs to my computer programmer. We should have the seminar ready a year later.

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