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Advertise on OilFinancier

Do you want to reach the petroleum professionals inspecting the OilFinancier concept or participating in an actual seminar? Your impression on OilFinancier will enhance your other internet marketing.

Undoubtedly you have noticed the column of 336 x 100 ads on the left side of the OilFinancier webpages. These ads come from an ad pool with 70 ad spots. Each ad spot has a 1/70 chance of being called out, and these calls are made from a random process.

We believe this webpage format has two advantages: (1) the serious reader has an unobstructed view of the content, thus not being that annoyed with the advertising, and (2) the generated ads have a vibrancy to keep drawing the reader's eyes back to the ad column. To get a better understanding of the psychology of this online advertising approach, go to DVO Advertising, the HTML program that produces this effect.

If you buy one of these 70 ad spots, it should be shown five times to each serious reader, who will likely be affiliated with the petroleum industry. If you want a bigger impression, consider buying another ad spot or two.

Given that OilFinancier is still in its conceptual stage, the ad spaces will go fairly cheaply. Here are the run prices for one ad spot:

One Month Two Months
(10% Discount)
Three Months
(15% Discount)
Six Months
(20% Discount)
Nine Months
(25% Discount)
1 Year
(30% Discount)
Corporate Rate C$10.00 C$18.00 C$25.50 C$48.00 C$67.50 C$84.00
Non-Profit Rate C$5.00 C$9.00 C$12.75 C$24.90 C$33.75 C$42.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Submit your 336 x 100 ad in JPG, GIF, or PNG format to with your run duration. Include your mailing address and other pertinent information for your invoice.

If your ad is accepted, I will make a PayPal transaction webpage for you. When payment is made, I will put your ad into the OilFinancier ad pool.

Purchasing ads at this point in time will also encourage Dave to move OilFinancier from a concept to an actual simulation.

As popularity for these ads increases, prices will be increased. The 70 ad spots will sell whatever the market will bear.

This 336x100 ad unit will also be run on the working webpages for the actual simulation. So participants will see your ad many times as they work through the simulation.

As a special introductory offer during the “concept” stage of OilFinancier, I am currently offering three ad spots for the price of one. With this deal, your ad will actually have a frequency of 3/70 of showing. But this deal will only last for the first 10 advertisers.

Visit to see the list of current advertisers. Please note that most of these advertisements are other Dave Volek inventions.

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