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Newborn mice are called pups. They grow very fast, and the energy for this fast growth comes from food gathering ethic of their parents. Pups are not prone to prey by foxes, but if a parent dies, the pups die in the nest because one parent is not enough to provide for them.


Pups are eventually weaned and cast out of the den by their parents. These new juveniles can now fend for themselves and need to eat a lot of seeds to reach adulthood.


Adults are fully grown and ready for breeding. Adult mice are always very busy, gathering and storing seeds for their current and next litter.


Elders have reached the end of their reproductive life (and have not eaten by foxes!). Because they are no longer caring for pups, their seed consumption is considerably lower than pups, juveniles, and adults. However, their advanced age brings a much higher natural mortality rate.

Mice Biofacts

Average Bioenergy
Average Biomass
Pups 35.3 0.00292
Juvenile 142.7 0.01250
Adults 216.3 0.02008
Elderly 191.2 0.01888

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