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Newborn foxes are known as kits. They are totally dependent on their parents for nourishment and protection.


Juveniles spend much of the day outside the den but are still under their parents' care. While their parents are training them to hunt mice, they still cannot gather all the food they need by themselves. As juveniles progress through this stage, they are more able do their own food gathering.

When juveniles can hunt for all their own food, the parents cast them out of the den. These new adults then find their own way, staking out their own territory, finding a mate, building a den, and raising their own fox family.


Adult foxes are fully grown and ready for reproduction. They will consume a lot of mice when taking care of kits.


Elders are foxes who have reached the end of their reproductive life. They need fewer mice to sustain themselves, but the advanced age means a higher mortality rate.

Fox Biofacts

Stage Average Bioenergy
Average Biomass
Kit 32,640 0.668
Juvenile 123,698 2.633
Adult 181,200 4.011
Elder 163,552 3.851

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