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By Dave Volek, Inventor

I had been frustrated with my current online DVOA broker for several years: the quality of ads on my website didn't fit well with my content and the revenues were too low. And there didn't seem to be many alternatives for small publishers like me: all the brokers were offering more or less the same services.

But my frustrations led me to a vision. You are now seeing this vision. And the vision's visual effect has actually turned out far better than I had expected. After being a webpage publisher for 17 years, I have created my best webpage design!

Please click the refresh button to get a new look of this webpage.

I like the nice clear view of the content so I can read quickly and comfortable—and without any distraction from any of the ads. You, as serious reader, probably like this clear view too.

Please click the refresh button to get another new look.

Despite the layout allowing you to focus on the content, you have also noticed the ads off to the left side, away from the content. What keeps bringing your eye to look at these ads?

Please click the refresh button to get another new look.

Imagine this webpage without that left ad column. Imagine reading through several webpages with exactly the same layout each time. You would probably tire of the content a lot quicker, right? It almost seems that those ever changing ads are helping you stay focused on the content. Is it possible that content and DVOA can actually enhance the attention they both receive from a target audience?

Content and DVOA working together?


Let's analyze what is actually happening in more detail.

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