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How to Buy DVO DVOA

If you want to buy the DVO DVOA code for your website, here is the process:

  1. Please review the terms for website publishers. There are restrictions on how you can use DVO DVOA.
  2. Inspect enhanced versions of DVO DVOA. These versions will have some extra features but will cost a little more.
  3. If you think my original version is the best value, contact me at to express your intent to purchase. Supply me with your mailing address for my records and invoices.
  4. I will prepare a PAYPAL page for you to make the payment. The price for most customers will be $39 in US funds. For Canadian residents, the price will be $39 in Canadian funds plus the 5% GST.
  5. Go to the PAYPAL page I have set up for you and effect the payment.
  6. When your payment is received, I will send you the DVO DVOA package in a zipped file.
  7. Unzip the file and follow the setup instructions.

Please remember, there is no refund if DVO DVOA does not work for you. Please review the “Disadvantages” and “Setup Instructions” to ensure DVO DVOA can work for you.

However, we do offer three free hours of consulting to help you implement DVO DVOA on your website. Any troubleshooting may require our programmer to have access to your FTP site.

Version Details

DVO DVOA Version: “Original”
Development Thread for “Original”

Developer Programmer
Mailing Address
Email Address
Primary Dave Volek #30, 108 Garrow Avenue,
Brooks, Alberta
Original $39.00 August 2013
Secondary None None None $0.00
Tertiary None None None $0.00
Total $39.00
4th None None None None
5th None None None None

Terms: Website Developers can use the DVO DVOA Package. Programmers can enhance the code and market it. The full terms of usage can be found at

Payment: To be fully licensed to use DVO DVOA, the buyer must pay the primary developer the fee stated in “Total.” Primary developer will pay secondary and tertiary developer their stated license fees. Total fees for this version is $39.00 (U.S.).

Point of Sale: PayPal and in American dollars.

Refund Policy: All Sales Final, no refund. Check to ensure you and your server are ready to implement this DVOA package.

Technical Support: While we believes we have made the process comprehensible to most experienced HTML programmers to implement “Original” without any technical support, we still offer three hours of support for this version of DVOA. Please note that response may not be immediate and may require our support staff to access your FTP site.

Sales Contact for this version of DVO DVOA: Dave Volek, Email: Website:

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