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Advantages & Disadvantages

If you haven't taken the time to discover the benefits of DVO DVOA and how it works, we recommend that you do so now.

If you have, then let's summarize the advantages and disadvantages of this new online DVOA program:

  • You choose the ads to be run.
  • You choose the size of the ads.
  • You choose how many ads.
  • You choose how to arrange the ads.
  • You choose the frequency.
  • You decide what your ad space is worth.
  • You use unsold ad spaces for your self-promotion and to maintain a good look for your website.

Are you still interested?

Great, but there are a few drawbacks to DVO DVOA that you should be aware of. Please read this next section carefully because I don't want to sell you some HTML and PHP code that will not work for you.

  • Your server must have PHP protocols for the DVO DVOA to work on your website. Check with your server to ensure it can handle such programming.
  • DVO DVOA is for international audiences. There is no local, national, or interest based targeting. While some internet advertisers want these advanced features, there are still many advertisers with an international product or service who won't mind paying for international exposure on the right kind of website.
  • There is no “per click” DVOA. Some advertisers won't like this. But other advertisers will prefer the more favorable impression DVO DVOA can make with your loyal readers.
  • You will need an experienced HTML programmer to set up the DVO Ad Package on your website. This programmer might have to make some small changes to my original code to make it work with your website. There are no refunds if you cannot find a programmer to make this code work! The HTML programmer need not be experienced with PHP programming, as the setup process builds the PHP databases for you.
  • Please review the setup instructions to ensure that you or your HTML programmer can handle the code for DVO DVOA. This program is not “dummy-proof.”
  • You (or your webmaster) will need some minimal HTML and file sharing skills to upload the new ads as you sell them.
  • You will have to figure out your own way to communicate with advertisers and effect payment from them. DVO DVOA is not yet an online broker for DVOA.

So are the advantages for DVO DVOA bigger than the disadvantages? I'll let you decide.

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