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Technical & Purchase Details

Here are the steps for placing an ad on DVO.

  • Decide on which calendar months you wish the ads to run.
  • Build an image ad of the appropriate size (200 x 80 for TDG and Consensus, and 336 x 100 for OilFinancier and New Perspectives). JPG and GIF images work for us; other formats should be okay.
  • Send this image to Include the start and length of the ad run and the URL to which this ad will be linked.
  • If the ad is approved, I will set up a PayPal page for your payment. I will email you the link of this webpage.
  • Click to your PayPal page. Make sure the details are correct. If they are, enact the PAYPAL button to effect the payment.
  • Once payment is received, your ad will be put into the rotation in the next few days.
  • Place your order at least one week before the start of the calendar month you want the ad to run. If you place earlier than one week, you might get a few days of free DVOA.

Prices are based on a calendar month basis. There are no cost-per-click charges. In essence, you are paying for the impressions with your monthly fee. Regard any clicking from this website to your website as a bonus in your marketing.

When you purchase an ad space on DaveVolek.Org, you get a specified frequency of that ad being shown. This frequency is attained by putting all the ads in a folder. When a DVO webpage is called, the program will randomly call up one of these ads to be presented.

For example, there will be 30 ad spaces allocated for Tiered Democratic Governance (one component of DVO). If you buy one ad space, there's a 1/30 chance your ad will show on any webpage call. Likewise, OilFinancier has 70 ad spaces (1/70 frequency) and New Perspectives has 10 ad spaces (1/10). If you want more exposure, you can buy a second or third ad space (hopefully with a slightly different marketing message) to ensure the reader gets your message.

Pricing for DVO ads will be based on a reverse Dutch auction. Initially prices will be quite low to attract new advertisers. But as demand for the ad spaces increases, prices will rise.

There will be discounts for ad runs greater than one month.

There will also be discounts for NGOs, non-profits, and charities. If your product is clearly corporate in nature (mostly based on profit for its owners), you will be charged the usual rate. If it is a little grey (like profit with a social conscience), you can apply for the discount when you submit your ad and give us your reasons for the discount. We will let you know if the discount applies.

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