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Buying Ads on OilFinancier

Throughout 2014, I will be rebuilding my OilFinancier simulation. This simulation has petroleum professionals competing against each other to see who has the better skills for petroleum economics.

Most of the visitors and participants will be petroleum engineers, but there will also be petroleum geologists and business analysts. If you want to market your product to this international demographic, OilFinancier will be an excellent forum to get your marketing message across.

The basic layout can be seen at On the left, you will see a column of 336 x 100 ads. These ads are drawn from an ad pool with 70 ads. So each ad has a 1/70 chance of being called (the process is random).

Serious readers of OilFinancier will be exposed to about 400 ads. With a 1/70 frequency, each ad will be shown about five times during this serious read. If you want more exposure to ensure a good impression, you can buy a second or third ad spot for your ad.

Consider a set of themed ads with a slightly different marketing visuals and messages. This will drive reader's eyes to your ads to discover the differences.

Visit the 336 x 100 ads at

All ads are sold in a one-year run. Discounts are applied for more than one ad. All prices in Canadian dollars.

Customer One Ad Two or More Ads
Corporate Rate C$100.00 C$70.00
Non-Profit Rate C$50.00 C$30.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (C$). Canadian Residents will be charged the 5% Goods & Services Tax.

If you are interested in purchasing an ad spot, email Dave at with your ad and mailing address. If the ad is acceptable for the OilFinancier website, a PAYPAL will be set up to effect the payment. When payment is made, the ads will start showing.

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