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If you have come to this webpage, the chances are that you like the unique approach Dave Volek is taking with his articles. You think that he is attracting a certain kind of reader, and you want your product or service to be noticed by these readers. Here is the DVOA opportunity for you.

New Perspectives has two 336 x 100 ads below the fold, after the text. We believe that readers will be in a reflective state after reading an article. Having the ads at the end of the article, to be absorbed during this state of reflection, is the best place for advertisers to get that favorable impression.

Two ads in this position give a different look for each article read, thus enhancing the quality of the ad show as several articles are read.

There are only ten ad spots available for New Perspectives. This means your ad will be seen, on average, once every five articles read. You can purchase one additional ad spot if you have two ads in a theme.

All ads are sold in a one-year run. Discounts are applied for more than one ad. All prices in Canadian dollars.

Customer One Ad Two or More Ads
Corporate Rate $200.00 $150.00
Non-Profit Rate $50.00 $40.00

If you find these rates agreeable, go to Technical & Purchase Details to learn how to buy an ad space on New Perspectives.

Click here see what ads are currently showing on New Perspectives.

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