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Marketing on DaveVolek.Org

Each component of DVO has its own special demographic. If you think your product or service needs a favorable impression with these special readers and users, then your ad needs to be on this component of the website.

Think of buying ad spaces on DaveVolek.Org as reinforcing the message you are already putting in other places on the internet or in other DVOA medium.

Two components of DaveVolek.Org are being readied for this new DVOA program:

An International Audience

Unfortunately, the DVO DVOA program is not sophisticated enough to place ads only in certain nations or localities. Ads will be shown anywhere in the world. Therefore, to get the most from your DVOA on DVO, your product or service should be useful and available on an international level.

Here are some examples of international corporate advertisers:

Corporate products and services:

  • electronics
  • automotive
  • entertainment
  • social networks
  • consumer goods
  • green technology
  • corporate training
  • internet applications
  • construction equipment
  • airline, hotel, and travel
  • English language training
  • banking, insurance, and finance
  • broadcasters, newspapers, and blogs
  • accounting, legal, marketing, and engineering firms

Here are some examples of international non-profit advertisers:

  • charities
  • aid agencies
  • women's groups
  • environmental groups
  • religious organizations
  • educational organizations
  • government organizations
  • non-government organizations
  • messages about positive social change
  • Emerging technologies not yet profitable
  • messages to current and future world leaders

Please note that I reserve the right to refuse any ad for any reason. For example, I will not be accepting any ads for the following products: weight loss, dating, fast food, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or pornography. Ads whose artistic layout or textual content we feel clash with the website will also be refused.

Non-Profit Rates

DVO DVOA gives non-profit organizations a little advantage over the corporate world to get their message noticed. DVOA rates are reduced significantly for non-profits.

The distinction between corporate and non-profit ads may be a little difficult to make. For example, a university that is mostly publicly funded will get the non-profit rate. However, the business faculty of that same university would be charged the corporate rate. Feel free to apply for the non-profit rate, but explain why you feel you qualify for the lower rate.

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