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A Future Broker for Internet DVOA

I feel this new idea for internet DVOA has merit to become the DVOA broker to compete with today's popular brokers. I envision an online forum where publishers and advertisers directly negotiate the terms of their ad campaigns. First publishers will make requests for certain kinds of ads to show on their website. Potential advertisers will inspect the websites (and the other ads that are showing on these websites). If interested, the advertiser will apply for the ad space. The publisher will inspect the ad. If it is accepted, then the publisher and advertiser engage in an online dialogue for terms of the ad run: price, duration, and frequency. When both parties reach an agreement, the ads are put into the rotation and money is exchanged, with the developer of the online forum earning a small commission.

Although I am a very innovative thinker, I can clearly see that I have neither the financial resources nor industry connections to develop this product any further. So I have created an innovative way for DVO DVOA to evolve into my vision.

If independent programmers purchase my code, they have the right to modify it to make it better. I call this initial process Phase 1. When a programmer accepts this challenge, he/she also accepts the “terms” to develop DVO DVOA. These terms stipulate the financial compensation from sales and provide a framework for Phase 1 programmers to enhance each other's work.

Eventually one or more Phase 1 versions will be suitable for the next stage of development: turning DVO DVOA into an actual online broker of internet DVOA. This is called Phase 2 and will require a substantial investment to take effect. “The terms” stipulate a small royalty payment to the Phase 1 programmers who contributed to a Phase 2 version.

In Phase 1, I believe that there will be sufficient financial incentive for independent programmers to build DVO DVOA to the point where big investors will seriously consider Phase 2.

If you (1) are a programmer, (2) like the DVO DVOA concept, (3) think it is going to be a big trend in internet DVOA, and (4) have some free time on your hands, consider making a new version of DVO DVOA. Add a feature that you think could make DVO DVOA better, and try marketing it. A few hours of your expertise and insight could be quite financially rewarding for you in the future.

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