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Visitors coming to Dave Volek's Consensus have these two characteristics:

  • Curious about the co-operative nature of social networking sites.
  • Non-profit organizations looking for a social networking to truly get their message to their fans.

Does your product or service match one or both of these characteristics?

If “yes,” consider putting an ad on Consensus to enhance your brand name with these visitors.

You have already seen the ad show with two prominent 200x80 ad spots in the upper right of the Consensus website. There are 16 ad spots to that ad show. This means your graphic would show up for every 8 webpage calls. If the visitor goes through all 50 Consensus webpages, your ad is impressed at least six times. Very likely, that visitor will go through this website more than once—and recommend it to similar-thinking colleagues. If you can sell to these people, your ad needs to be on Consensus.

Ads for Consensus must be sized at 200 x 80 pixels in JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

All ads are sold in a one-year run. Discounts are applied for more than one ad. All prices in Canadian dollars.

Customer One Ad Two or More Ads
Corporate Rate C$300.00 C$250.00
Non-Profit Rate C$100.00 C$70.00

If you find these rates agreeable, go to Technical & Purchase Details to learn how to buy an ad space on Consensus.

Click here to see which ads are currently showing on Consensus.

Click here to see how the ads are displayed on Consensus.

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