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DVOA Concept

• You want your impressions to count, right?

• You want to minimize the effects of “ad blindness,” right?

• When a visitor finishes with the DVO website, you want your message to be imprinted on this or her mind, right?

Are you wondering how DaveVolek.Org can give your ad a better impression on its website by using our cutting edge, inaugural DVOA program? Here's how:

I, Dave Volek, the inventor of this DVOA program, control the ad content and the frequency of the ads shown!

First, I only put in ads that I feel are a good fit with my website. For example, I will not allow DVOA for weight loss programs and dating sites. These are so overdone, most visitors don't even consciously see them—leading to “ad blindess.” Thus other advertisers, buying the same adspace, get very little benefit from their ads being ignored at a subconscious level.

Before you place your ad on DVO, you need to know what other ads are showing to determine if your ad fits. You can view this website's current ads and decide whether you want to be associated with these ads as well as my website.

Second, I control the frequency of the ads shown. I am hoping that I have struck the good balance between ensuring enough exposure for your ads to get that favorable impression, yet not too much exposure to cause ad blindness for all advertisers.

I believe I am creating a vibrant experience for my visitors, and your ads will be part of that experience.

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