About The Tractor Deal Online (TDO)

TDO is DVBE’s fourth online business English listening exercise. The activity requires learners to pick out “specs” from a fast-paced business dialogue. Learners first try the exercise only with audio and then with audio & transcripts before checking their answers. Learners work at their own pace at a time of their convenience.

An optional vocabulary quiz, based on the dialogue, provides an additional activity. A short technical glossary gives learners a few more insights about tractors, which should not only help understand the dialogue, but also provides a good reading exercise.

After learners spend about a half hour with TDO, they are more prepared to role play tractor buyers and sellers in the classroom.

About The Tractor Deal

In this DVBE module, half the learners are cast as tractor sellers with a specifications (spec) sheet that shows the specs of their tractor line. The other half are cast as tractor buyers, with role cards that “spec out” the tractors they need to buy and a buyer’s worksheet to keep notes. In the classroom, each seller meets each buyer to determine whether a tractor match is possible. If so, they must determine the exact specs and final cost.

The buyer’s worksheet and seller’s spec lead the learners through each sales meeting, spec-by-spec, so learners do not have to be knowledgeable about tractors to make this classroom activity work. This exercise requires a lot of question and answer conversation, which either the buyer or seller can initiate.

The Instructor’s Manual provides several optional writing exercises for the learners after they finish the classroom activities.

The Tractor Deal is suitable for technical and business minded learners with intermediate level English or higher.

About Dave Volek’s Business English (DVBE)

“Business English with Business Simulations” vaults DVBE into a very innovative position in business English training. All six DVBE modules are designed for learners to work together —using whatever language skills they currently have—to solve various kinds of business problems. DVBE is a true business conversation generator. Try out the free module in your classroom.

A DVBE module can occasionally be inserted into conventional BE programs to give the class some fresh material and different language challenges. Or an instructor can set up a DVBE weekend with just the six DVBE modules. For those learners who like working with simulations, such a weekend will be quite rewarding.

On its “Great Schools & Instructors” webpage, DVBE provides contact information for licensed DVBE schools. Already, many learners are checking out this webpage. Could it be they are looking for local providers of “Business English with Business Simulations”? In other words, if you are a school or instructor looking for extra business, you need to be on this list.

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Choosing a Legal Firm:-Doing international business means doing business with different legal systems. Find a local legal firm that knows the laws and systems in their home country and can relate this experience at an international level. Check to see if this legal firm has experience with corporate, labor, environmental, and taxation laws. A good legal firm also has important connections with government officials and politicians.

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