Learners follow a likeable entrepreneur as he creates a marketing plan to move his tent-making business from a home-based operation into the mass market. They follow Stan's thinking as he does his competitor analysis, product analysis, position analysis, distribution plan, and promotion plan of his first tent run. While following this story, the learners work with a vocabulary quiz to learn and reinforce meanings of important MARKETING words. They also have 25 comprehension questions to better their understanding of the story.


As the students go through each step of Stan's steps, they will be making a similar marketing analysis or plan for a product or service of their choice. They will work in groups, using their business English skills including any new marketing vocabulary and insights they may have recently learned.

  This fictitious story is based on a position analysis from an MBA marketing textbook. Because the module is not loaded with a lot of marketing theory, Stan's Tents is still "digestible" for learners who have not taken a marketing course before. As well as business English practice, they will gain some great basic marketing insights from this DVBE module a double bonus.


  Duration: This module is designed for six one-hour classroom sessions, all focusing on marketing conversation.

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