This DVBE module comprises three classroom activities—each with a complementary online activity for learners to see relevant language structures before and after they do the classroom activity.
  Brag, Brag, Brag
Brag, Brag, Brag is an extension of Increase & Decrease. The usage of these two important business and technology words (and their synonyms) is more natural and at a higher language level.
  In the classroom, learners are placed into three- to five-person groups. One learner becomes the judge/referee; the other learners become store managers and are given income statements for their grocery stores. The managers will boast about their better statistics, trying to upstage each other as to who is the better manager. Not only is there is lots of opportunity for practicing the increase & decrease and comparative grammar, the learners will also be doing some “on-their-feet” thinking, interpreting the new information from other learners against the information they are holding, trying to spin their analysis to the best advantage.
  Brag, Brag, Brag is one of the more difficult classroom DVBE activities—both for the learner and the instructor. Unlike the rest of the DVBE program; Brag, Brag, Brag is not a good stand alone activity. The learners really need to spend time with Increase & Decrease and Brag, Brag, Brag Online —to make the BBB classroom proceed more smoothly and effectively.  
  The online activity for Brag,Brag,Brag is now ready.    
  Shift Schedule
Making a shift schedule for workers is a common business activity around the world. And this DVBE simulation is something most business English learners can easily understand.
  The class is divided up into teams trying to build a schedule with the least expensive payroll. Each team is given 16 “employee cards” depicting position (head cashier, cashier, trainee), employment status (full-time, part-time), and scheduling restrictions & availability. The team will try to manipulate those 16 cards into a working schedule, then try to find ways to make it less expensive, mostly by using the cheaper part-timers than full-timers.
  Most likely, teams will need more than the 16 cards to make their schedule work. They can recruit a new worker (by drawing an additional card from the deck) for a small penalty, or they can trade workers with other teams, which has no penalty. The trading between groups should bring out some interesting business negotiations.  
  Later, the teams will audit each other’s schedule to verify that all shift spots have been properly filled according to the rules and the payroll is calculated correctly. The least expensive payroll is the winner!
  Shift Schedule is lots of fun—and generates a very authentic business problem to base conversation. Plan for one to two hours of activity—and you can schedule this DVBE activity early in your DVBE seminar.  
  The online activity for Shift Schedule is now ready.  
  Deli Chickens
This DVBE simulation is a common business challenge: choosing the proper amount of food to prepare. Too little food means loss of customers. Too much food is wasted.
  Learners are divided into teams competing to see which team can earn the most profit. These “deli workers” try to determine the right number of chickens to prepare each day. Chickens sales are based on outside weather conditions. The workers use three charts of historical chicken sales vs. weather—and try to predict the number of chickens that will earn them the best profit. So learners are definitely working with their “graph English.”  
  The learner group that earns the most profits is indeed the best business analysts in your class—or maybe they just got lucky!  
  Deli Chickens will take about one hour of class time.  
  The online activity for Deli Chickens is now ready.  
  The classroom activities of Brag, Brag, Brag, Shift Schedule, and Deli Chickens are about ¾ developed. They will be finished when the BE profession shows some interest in implementing the DVBE approach with the other six DVBE modules, which are all free.
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