Company Articles is based on the legal rulebook of a fictitious company. There are about seven pages of legal text (articles) to describe how the company is governed and the rights of the various security holders. There are six exercises with these articles.


Preparation: The instructor sets up some quick conversation describing various kinds of securities.


Scavenger Hunt: Learner teams compete to "skim read" the articles and find the answers to 14 questions. This is a fun way to become reasonably familiar with the articles for the next exercises.


Vocabulary: There is a 200-word vocabulary quiz, including many common legal words and phrases. Learners can do this quiz on their own time.


Accounting Exercises: Learner teams are given three corporate financial challenges to resolve: liquidation, dissolution, and profits. They will use the articles to figure out how the proceeds are to be distributed among the various security holders and creditors.


Shareholder Dispute: Learners role-play judges trying to resolve a legal dispute. They will use the articles to determine which shareholders were entitled to vote at an Annual Shareholders Meeting and, subsequently, which business path the company will take. This exercise is set up for lots of great legal arguing. There is no one right answer to this dispute, so learners should feel confident expressing differing viewpoints.


Trial: Learners can take the previous exercise one step further and take on lawyer roles, arguing the case for their clients. The module gives rules for proper courtroom etiquette and some learners will really like working with these rules.


Duration: There are about eight hours of classroom activities with this module. If your learners are asking you for practice in legal English, Company Articles is for them.


Learner Qualifications: Learners should have at least an upper intermediate level of English and a strong interest in business or law. Learners should probably have some experience with other DVBE modules before tackling this challenge.

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