You may be wondering a few things about the person who is offering this unique business English training. Here are a few things about myself.  
  I have an engineering degree from the University of Alberta (in Edmonton, Canada). As life events seem to have taken me into different places and directions, I have to say that I’ve never really worked as an engineer. However, this university training has certainly helped me design the various business scenarios to make engaging classroom exercises.  
  From 1985 to 1992, I had my own small business that tested oil wells in western Canada. This seven-year experience gave me lots of business skills, such as accounting and finance, business analysis, sales and marketing, and management of people, equipment, and schedules. This very practical experience has made its way into the DVBE modules. I also enrolled in an MBA program and learned a lot more about business. This knowledge has made its way into the DVBE modules as well as my general business plan for DVBE.  
  ELT Instructor    
  I taught EFL in the Czech and Slovak Republics for two years. At the request of some of my students to provide some business English training, I developed some business games and scenarios—which have become a hobby of mine with the intention of becoming a small business soon. I taught ESL in Canada to immigrants for two years. Currently, I am teaching math and science at a local college.    
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