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Development Stage

When money from sales of preferred shares comes in, the PM can shift focus to choreographing simultaneously the following tasks in the development stage:

  • Continual sale of preferred shares.
  • Renting and equipping a small office for the management company.
  • If the PM is working long hours, she should hire an assistant to handle the more routine details of building Consensus.
  • The PM should finalize negotiations with another SNS to sell their software to Consensus in exchange for preferred shares.
  • The PM should put together and manage a team of software programmers to modify that software to the needs of Consensus. Included in this team should be software testers who are innovative in finding bugs and can work with programmers to fix them.
  • The PM should look at internet servers to host Consensus.

When all these pieces are put together, Consensus is ready for the public.

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