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Trade Name

And from my understanding of international copyright laws, the first entity to establish a trade name in a particular industry usually gets to keep that name. I believe that this website stakes out the brand name for “Consensus” for SNSs.

Despite the fact that we are the first to claim “Consensus”, it is highly recommended to have a legal firm formally register the brand name in an international forum. This will cost about $100,000. This is a considerable amount of money, so for now, I have developed an alternative plan to protect our trademark.

Although I have referred to this concept simply as “Consensus” you may have noticed that the logo is actually “Dave Volek's Consensus”. Some of you might think that this unacknowledged inventor is a bit narcissistic (and there could be some partial truth to this). But there is a deeper reason for this name. It is doubtful anyone else is going to want to use “Dave Volek's Consensus”; as their trade name.

If “Consensus” is not legally challenged as a brand name, we will continue to use it as is. If it is challenged—and the challenge seems reasonable—we will simply switch to “Dave Volek's Consensus,” and without losing the investment put into the brand name.

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